• Actionable threat intelligence data
  • Context-based malware analysis
  • Preventive measures to curb future incidents
  • More effective response to malicious activity

The Problem

Organization's infrastructure, systems and networks are becoming more complex as the perimeter continues to blur and expand. Furthermore, data is increasingly shared not only with internal employees but also with contractors, partners, vendors, suppliers, customers and regulators. While this increase in interactions improves productivity it also leads to an increased attack surface that is information rich. Motivated by financial gains, hackers and other adversaries are also growing in sophistication, deployment speed and operational covertness.

All of this culminates in a perfect storm of malware and advanced threats that are difficult to protect, detect and remediate.

The Solution

ThreatGRID provides services to not only prevent exploitation but also to prepare organization's response to malware threats. Through its Malware Threat Intelligence Platform, ThreatGRID uses proprietary analytic techniques to locate, assess, measure and remediate suspected malware. We work with an organization's information security teams to better equip them to handle these types of attacks and to help prevent them in the future.